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Our packaging is changing

The Government of Canada has introduced the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) which is to come into effect later this year. This will impact Player's packaging.

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Navigating the changes to House of Players products

With the Canadian government’s new Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) come changes to the look of the tobacco products and to the packaging that you are familiar with.

The new regulations call for a plain and standardized packaging of all cigarettes in Canada. What won’t change? The same great taste you’ve come to love. We’ve put together the following information to help you navigate these changes and easily find your brand.


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Since 1877, Player’s has been trusted for delivering great taste.

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Found on all John Player Plus variants, FlowFilterPLUS™ always delivers a clean tip and a firm feel.

* Does not mean a safer filter.

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Firm filter

A staple of the John Player brand, the firm filter stays firm from start to finish.

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