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Consumer relations

Our packaging is changing

The Government of Canada has introduced the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) which is to come into effect later this year. This will impact Player's packaging.

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In order to comply with the plain packaging regulations, some basic changes are being made to the PLAYER'S products.

players pack
John Player sticks

While the design will now be standardized to have plain cigarette packaging with only one colour, the brand name, pack shape, filter, taste, and quality will all stay the same once the plain packaging regulations come into effect in Canada. As with all cigarettes in Canada, the filters and cigarette tippings will now be plain (either in white or with a cork pattern), with no logos or branding of any kind.

Despite these inevitable changes to how the product appears on the outside, know that you can continue to enjoy Player's the way you know it, and as Canadians have known it for over 100 years.

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